Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Pim and Rosetta

I got a Groupon-style thing from Savvy Something and it was for a huge discount on Little Pim language DVDs. So I got both Spanish and Chinese in the hopes that my children will begin to show an interest in the world of foreign languages. So far we've done disc 1 Mandarin twice, and Bella has stared at the screen, unresponsive. She claims to like it, but seems shy about actually trying the words.

From my language loving perspective, the Little Pims seem very cool, and a nice gateway to a kids first 200 words and basic sentence structure. I'm going to keep trying a few times a week. I think we'll get somewhere.

In other news, I actually sprang for a legit copy of Rosetta Stone - I had been trying a library copy which was older. Having the full install and the latest version actually does make a difference. I'm creeping through Japanese, and I REFUSE to use Romaji, but alternate between Kana and Kanji. I just want a few of the key Kanjis, so I don't wind up like Mater in Cars2.

Ok a tiny update. Whatever.