Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm in love.

First: Mark from RadioLingua wanted me to know "they weren't dead, they're just resting" (not his words, Monty Python's). I'm looking forward to their return, of course. I raise a glass of Lagavulin 16 to their good health.

Now... I'm in love. As I noted in yesterday's update, I've had some trouble finding German resources to continue my learning. Until I found Deutsche Welle is a German news service which takes very seriously the concept of teaching the world German. Their site is available in a dozen languages, and their German resources are at multiple levels - news broadcasts spoken in slow german, medium, and fast. Differing levels of complexity for reading.

And best of all, they have a free online "learn German" course. It's tuned around reading, writing, and listening, with some speaking exercises. I spent an hour yesterday, and am impressed!

Oops - Isaacs stirring... Later!
Anyway, the lessons are very well produced, with great voice talent, and a variety of accents so far. I'm admittedly not too far in, but I am realizing that I REALLY needed some more written and read lessons - the verbal approach of Pimsleur is great, and I can converse, but the fact I can barely type a cohesive sentence in German tells me I need this remedial training.

So I'll keep on with the Deutsche Welle program and see where it takes me! Also in the coming week, I'll start doing Language Addict mini-posts in different languages - I'd welcome any corrections and comments as they appear! Probably just French, German, and Spanish for the moment... we'll see... ;->

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