Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back to Mandarin

Ok - I'm pausing on the Russian and hitting the Mandarin for a while. And sticking with the Korean, and taking a stronger focus back to the Swedish, since Thanksgiving IS coming and I want to be able to chat up the Swedes.

But as I was walking with Uncle Ant (allright, his name is Rich really) I realized that boy, if I just spent more time on Mandarin, I'd have a willing and geeky language partner right at hand. Rich is ALMOST as much of a language geek as I am, though truth be told, his language love is usually based around practicality: He learned Greek to prepare for a trip. He learned Mandarin because he was managing a project team of Chinese nationals. He learned Spanish because that's what people did in high school.

So, watch for less Russian and more Mandarin in the weeks to come.

Japanese... will hold for a while: I discovered that my Pimsleur Japanese III chip is corrupt and a replacement will take a few weeks....



Anonymous said...

Hello! I just read your comment at German GrammarPod blog and indeed it's a pity we don't have such a German Podcast like Chinesepod or JapanesePod101.

I personally didn't like those Detsche Welle series, but at least they produced something.

Anyway, thanks for your comment there.

Rich said...

i would characterize myself as a compulsive language learner, steered by opportunity. and that steering wheel *is* usually travel. i actually started learning Chinese in preparation for a trip to Beijing that never happened. i continued on once i started working with several Chinese individuals at my .COM job.

in any case, i will continue to do my best to distract you. /:) whatever language you're studying, the Ant will throw something else at you. :D

it's the only way to linguistically think on your toes. even so, if you happen to stumble, just remember...

saru mo ki kara ochiru!

das vadanya,