Friday, May 4, 2007

D Day is Coming!

Tomorrow night - the Cinco de Mayo - is when I'll be on the spot: A dinner party with just 5 people, an authentic Central American menu, at least one native speaker, and the rule is: Hablamos solamente Español toda la noche. So I have been preparing. And I confess flat out that there were some things I could have done that I didn't.

I didn't offer to take either of my co-workers who speak Spanish very well out for coffee to rehearse. I didn't write more than two pages of notes to practice. I didn't read Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, nor did I watch Volver without the subtitles.

But I HAVE done some things: I've actively thought of how to say key things, translating my thoughts throughout the day, and at least one evening, I did dream in mostly Spanish. I have listened to WAY too much of Ben and Marina from, and even laughed at Ben's jokes - which means my comprehension is getting better. I have learned key words that are relevant to my work and life.

And I have decided to RELAX from here on out. It'll simply happen. And that's maybe the best path for me: I need to remember that quand j'habitais en la maison Francaise during college je parlais franglais tres bien - I had the basic structures, and just threw in English words with a French accent as needed. Creo que puedo hacerlo en Español tambien. Tengo que descansar.

It was good to cram, and to study, and to worry a little. But the point of this dinner is to have FUN. So fun I will have.

I'll post a report after tomorrow. (Voy a escrivar un informe antes de manaña)

In the meantime, time for a different language: I wrote a great song last night, and have another one bombarding my skull tonight, so it's time to switch the computer from Blog Mode to Music Mode.

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