Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My Kana drilling is starting to pay off: I have been reading pages of hirigana and katakana... slowly at first, but it's speeding up. It feels sort of amazing to finally be looking at those characters and reading them like regular words. Now I just need to get comfortable with some Kanji... As Henry commented, the JPOD101 Kanji Closeups are probably my best bet on that. I'll go back and reprint them for the first 40 beginner lessons, and work my way through. That should get me at least 100 to start with!!!

I'm worried about my friends at Learn French by Podcast - they're off from their twice weekly updates and we're at 8 days since the last one... I am wondering if their whole "game" was to make 60 podcasts in the hopes they'd lure ME to the site and get my $25, and now they're off to Rio. It's totally possible. ;)

UPDATE: Obviously Hugh and Amelie got my hint, and Episode 61 is downloading right now. They must have been mighty scared that I was on to their "scheme". HA!

Short update for you today!

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