Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More on LearnFrenchByPodcast

Ok - these guys are totally making me happy. Their conversational topics are just great, and they do drill into some difficult grammar points...

Three recent podcast subjects: In one, the two people discuss why they're following the US elections, and why they think Barack Obama is or isn't a good candidate. In the second, the conversation is around the merits of Hillary Clinton. In the third, it's about the Iraq war, with phrases like "En tout cas, la situation en Irak est un cauchemar, tu ne trouves pas ?" - "Anyway, the situation in Iraq is a nightmare, don't you think?"

Part of me thinks this is US liberal, and hence mildly risky for a language program, but then I remember, these podcasts are European, and this is common sentiment over there. It's that sort of thing that really makes me love these podcasts. Man, I need to remember my US exit strategy - Provence!

OK - as you may recall, I'm supposed to be cramming for a dinner party this weekend where nothing but Spanish will be spoken. After a week of cramming, i have sort of hit this point where I just want to learn a few more key words and let the evening happen: I don't know that I'll be able to leap a skill level just yet. But there are a few more days... we'll see.

Off to work with me. There are words to learn.

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maman said...

The levels of knowledge amaze me. Last weekend there were two french storytellers. One a national and one was a founder of Jeune Lune but split with them. The national heard the local's name, cocked his tete and said "Italian too, no?" "Corsican, actually, but we settled in Provence." The national terrorized the dining room with his high dining standards (NO styrofoam - it leeches into your bones!) Rick is returning from Portugal this wk - his posts with portuguese and your language addict and the french contingent in Madison made me glad I can maneuver in English, somewhat.